Since our gained liberation in 1994, many programs have been established to address the previous imbalances.  Some of the programs are the Reconstruction Development Program, Women Empowerment, Gender Equality, and Black Economic Empowerment etc. Which have been very successful in their in their implementation.  These initiatives provide ample opportunities for the previously disadvantaged group to come up with initiatives for establishments of small, medium and macro enterprises that have sound viable and sustainable objectives that will boost the economy of the country.

The provision encourages active in the building of South Africa’s economy through the establishment of business ventures that contribute effectively towards addressing this noble cause.  It is against this background that members of this company deemed it fit to use this opportunity to establish a business of this nature.

The primary objective of the company is to contribute effectively towards poverty alleviation and to fight unemployment job creation and training.  Various jobs will be created and skills required to carry out such jobs will be developed through skills development programmes and or sessions that are in line with government’s priorities.

The fact that the business is a new venture does not necessarily mean that its founders are also new in the business.  There is evidence of their skills and experience in different fields.  These said skills and experience demonstrate that the company will benefit a lot from the expertise the members acquired from educational institutions and other businesses and this will be easily conveyed running this business.

The idea of venturing into this business stems from the need to contribute meaningfully towards the growth of the standard of life of the people in our communities. The idea is to create a dynamic black economic empowerment company vehicle, which will ensure we unlock the creative potential that the country.  This will be achieved by getting involved in workshops; training sessions to acquire more skills to ensure that skills are transferred to disadvantaged communities.


Our vision is to be one of the leading young black empowerment companies that promotes Black Economic Empowerment skills development and community development initiatives that will benefit the country and at the same time practice the highest level of service delivery and the best quality work that will satisfy our customers.  NWA’NKUMI DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS CC is committed to producing quality service delivery to the public and private sector with no exceptions.  The company strives not only to deliver good quality products in this country; we also plan on putting our own country on the global corporate map.


To help grow the economy of our country by contributing in the new empowerment of our communities by creating an environment that will encourage the transfer of skills amongst its individuals, through skills development, job creation, training and capacity building programmes advocated by our government.